I have a pretty keen interest in politics and the areas that it is intertwined with - law, economics, tax policy, morality and community standards, rights and interests of individuals, businesses, property owners.....the list seems endless. Then there's also the different levels of politics: city, county, state, federal. For reasons I don't fully understand, I am most interested in national politics and issues. My interest decreases as the political level gets closer and closer to home.

The more I watch politicians in action, the more disappointed I am in their performance. Politicians don't seem to understand their proper role in government, do not truly represent the interests of their constituency at large, and make wrong choices at every turn. Just as long as they get re-elected.

Sometimes I get the idea that I should get involved and try to make a difference. Then I think about the extremely low probability that I would actually succeed in this. So I have never gotten involved in politics even to the extent of participating in a single election. Kind of sad, considering that I've had the right to vote for over 20 years.