Red Light Traffic Cameras

I believe that red light cameras are a useful law enforcement tool and should be used where there is a definite need. My main objection to use of the cameras is that cities appear to do this for financial reasons, not safety ones. I do not believe it is an appropriate function of law enforcement to try to raise as much money as possible for their own budgets or for city coffers.

I had some other objections to red light cameras, but they just don't hold up to logical scrutiny. They are for the most part psychological and emotional. I've run my share of red lights. Do I want to be ticketed for every single one of them. Not particularly. After paying the first or second one, I would feel like the cameras were the equivalent of having a police officer driving around behind me, waiting for me to break a law so they could write me a ticket and I have to pay another fine.

And this stems from something I think is relatively common - it's okay for the police to write other people tickets, but I want them to cut me some slack. Running a red light is dangerous. If you don't get into an accident because of it, you should consider yourself lucky. A red light runner should consider themselves doubly lucky if a police officer didn't see them do it. Even if an officer did see you and writes you a ticket, they can sometimes be beaten in court, which would be a third stroke of luck. With a red light camera at the intersection, everyone's second and third strokes of luck just ran out.