Texas Democrats Running to Oklahoma

51 state Representatives (Democrats) fled the state of Texas to Ardmore, Oklahoma to break quorum and prevent the Texas House of Representatives from voting on a redistricting bill (which the Democrats would lose). They've been camping out at a local Holiday Inn for most of this week and making a nice little spectacle of themselves.

A lot of words come to mind. Sore losers. Chickenshits. Pussies. I understand that they have *serious* objections to the redistricting bill, but this was the wrong way to fight it. Many thanks to the governor of Oklahoma for not granting Texas state troopers the authority to arrest them and bring them back to Texas. (The same thanks also should go to the governor of New Mexico, but it would seem that none of the errant Democrats ran into that state.) I sincerely hope that someday the state of Texas can repay the favor in spades.