CalTrans weenies

This is a story of Dumb and Dumber.

Dumb: Motorists on California highways, who can't be bothered to find a bathroom, are urinating into bottles, jars, and other containers (evidently while driving) and then throwing them out the window. These are later found and picked up by CalTrans litter crews. CalTrans crews consistently find several dozen bottles on certain stretches of highway.

Dumber: Because urine is considered "medical waste", CalTrans is calling in hazardous material teams to clean up and dispose of the mess when they find a couple of dozen bottles or more, at a cost anywhere between $400 and $8,000 per call.

Since CalTrans workers don't seem to have a problem with a few bottles here and there, why does finding 25 or more make a difference? Surely we don't need expensive HazMat teams to clean up a bunch of piss. A good pair of gloves and some common sense should be all that's needed here. Yeah, it's gross, but litter patrol was never a glamour job in the first place.

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