Fiancée going to try to quit smoking

Two weeks ago, Rhye tried to quit smoking cold turkey. That lasted all of about two days. I suggested that she try to wean herself from it slowly instead, and talked her into getting a LifeSign quit smoking computer to help her quit.

The LifeSign computer arrived last week. She decided that she would start working the program this past weekend. She started Phase 1 on Saturday morning. Phase 1 lasts for 7 days and all she is supposed to do is smoke normally and push the "Smoke" button on it to allow the machine to figure out her smoking habits.

Next Saturday, she will start Phase 2. The computer will calculate a gradual reduction in her smoking over the next 2-4 weeks and display a timer indicating how long she needs to wait before her next smoke, with the interval getting longer and longer as the days pass. It will be interesting to see what the program comes up with.

I hope she will be successful. I don't think it will be a breeze for her, and me still smoking like a chimney is not going to be a help either. If Rhye is successful with the LifeSign program, I may try it myself. When Rhye reaches the end of Phase 2, I plan to commemorate that day here on the blog. Good luck, Rhye!!