LifeSign update - 15 days left

The LifeSign is imposing a little more delay each morning before Rhye can have her first cigarette. I found out this morning that this first interval is 1/2 of whatever the current interval is. When Rhye turned on the LifeSign, she had to wait 47 minutes before having her first cigarette. After her first cigarette, the timer interval increased to 1 hour 34 minutes - exactly twice the length of the 47 minute interval.

Rhye was not a happy camper when I told her she had to wait 47 minutes after I woke her up to have her first cigarette. I don't know that I would be either. I suggested that she go ahead and get ready for work, and that by the time she was done, the timer would go off and she could have her cigarette. I think Rhye was watching the clock, because she finished and sat down in her chair exactly one minute before the timer went off. And boy, was she itching for that first cigarette. Hopefully it will get better as the days count down.