Fun With Contractors

Blog posting has been light the last few days because we've been having to deal with various contractors who are either doing work on the house or who we're trying to get cost estimates from to do work on the house.

I initially started to write about all the headaches of dealing with various contractors (painters, plumbers, siding, window & glass) over the last few days but it sounded too much like whining. Before the current mess, there were the roofers and the guys who installed a support beam to reinforce the garage and support the rest of the house which sits on top of it. After this, there's talk of kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

One problem I've ranted about to Rhye for quite a while - there is no clear person in authority and responsibility. Someone in the family needs to assume the role of project manager. Rhye's mother can't do it - she's elderly and not up to dealing with all the contractors and all the stress. Rhye is not comfortable doing it. I can do it, but most of Rhye's sisters are opposed to me doing so. Rhye's sisters insist on having approval and veto authority, but they will not or cannot meet with the contractors during the day, nor can they supervise the contractors as the work is being done. What usually ends up happening is a lot of wasted time, wasted effort, and headaches, for both us and the contractors.

I sometimes jokingly tell Rhye that no good deed goes unpunished around here. That has certainly been true this past week - no joke intended.