How not to pick a contractor

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Rhye and I were talking about the painting contractor tonight. Rhye told me that one of her sisters was the one who chose the contractor, and later it came out that the sister chose them because the owners are Korean. According to her sister, Koreans do a better job painting houses.

That was apparently the only criteria that went into selecting the painting contractor. Not the price, not their business reputation, nor any other objective criteria. Their contractor's license wasn't even checked to make sure it was in good standing. (It is, but we know that only because Rhye and I checked it long after they started working on the house.)

I've met the owners of the company - they are nice guys and they are doing a good job here. But here's the kicker: They don't do any of the painting work at all. They spend their day managing the company and their painting crews. The painting crew working on this house doesn't have a single Korean working on it - they are all Mexicans.

I don't know if her sister is just stupid, racist, or both. I told Rhye that if this is the way her sister picks contractors, she shouldn't be allowed to pick any more. When you're spending $18K+ to do a job, selecting a company based on the race of the owners just doesn't cut it.

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Pretty funny. My downstairs neighbor was convinced that 'the Vietnamese' were superior floor refinishers, and that was the basis for choosing a company to redo their floors. Things didn't work out well for that job, either. (Not that I'm saying that Vietnamese aren't good floor refinishers, Just that I haven't seen any evidence of a direct genetic link.)