Pizza delivery follies

A couple of days ago, Rhye ordered a pizza over the phone for delivery. The pizza place either made the wrong one or delivered the wrong one, so we called the pizza place and requested a replacement. It was clear that they did not want to make or deliver another pizza, as they tried pretty hard to get Rhye to accept a discount on her next pizza order instead.

Two hours later, the pizza hadn't showed up yet, so Rhye called the pizza place and asked them what the situation was on our replacement pizza. I worked for a pizza place back in my college days - it was unheard of that a pizza would take two hours to get delivered. I was betting that the pizza place never made a replacement pizza and was hoping that we would go away.

Rhye talked to both the order taker and the manager on duty; she was told the following excuses as to why our pizza had not been delivered (all in the same phone call):

  • The pizza place was very busy.
  • There was only one delivery driver.
  • There were only three delivery drivers.
  • The delivery driver had been involved in an accident.
  • There was too much traffic coming into our area.
  • The delivery driver had received a traffic ticket.

The pizza place then offered to make another fresh pizza if we would come down to the restaurant to pick it up. Rhye said she was not willing to do that as she had already paid for delivery, there's no parking at the restaurant, and if she wanted to drive down there to pick up a pizza, she would have ordered it that way the first time.

Rhye again asked how long it would be. The pizza place said they would have to call the driver and get back to her. Five minutes later, they call back. The delivery driver had miraculously come back; they would make another pizza and offered Rhye practically anything she wanted for free off the menu: buffalo wings, soda, etc. Rhye took them up on a free six-pack of soda. 20 minutes later, we had a hot pizza plus the soda.

Until that last phone call, I felt like we were getting terrible customer service. I had a complaint written up and ready to send to their corporate office, pending how everything turned out. Since they did make it right in the end, I decided not to send the e-mail. But I wonder what really happened that changed their attitude. The ex-pizza delivery guy inside of me thinks the store manager checked in, and upon hearing about our order, ordered the crew to make it right immediately.

We'll probably order from them again, but they have one strike against them now. If something like this happens again, we plan on sending a complaint to the corporate offices, regardless if the situation is eventually resolved properly or not.