Rhye - Smoke-free for 23 days *ZERO* days.

Rhye read my last post this morning and confessed that she has been cheating the last couple of weeks. She's been stealing one or two cigarettes a day from her mother or me, when we weren't in our rooms or when we were sleeping.

I never noticed, but evidently Rhye's mother has caught her at least once. Last night, Rhye's mother stopped by our room and silently offered Rhye a cigarette. I saw the offer, thought it was odd but said nothing.

This morning, Rhye woke me up and said she needed to tell me something that was going to make me mad. I was wondering what could be so bad I needed to be woke up about it. My first thoughts were that it was about the car, or the painters, then I decided it was too early for any crisis to have happened to either of those yet. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to think, and I remembered Rhye's mother's offer a cigarette, plus my post about Rhye yesterday. I put two and two together and asked Rhye if she'd been smoking. She said yes, then told me the whole story.

Rhye said the stressful things I listed in my previous post were just to much to deal with and she just couldn't stay smoke-free. One thing I found a bit amusing: She said the cigarettes didn't taste the same - they tasted "nasty". Rhye's mother smokes generic cigarettes, which don't rank high on the taste scale (yard clippings taste better), but I got the impression that the "nasty" taste was due to more than just her mother's brand of cigarettes.

I wasn't mad, but I was a bit disappointed. I told Rhye that she was only cheating herself - she chose to quit smoking because it was something she wanted to do. She was doing it for herself and no one else.

Rhye told me that she's going to quit again today. I don't know if she'll be able to kick the habit this time or not. My advice to Rhye: If you want to quit, quit. If you don't, don't. But don't pretend to quit.