Aggravation by the painters

This morning, Rhye asked me to open up 3 windows in the living room that had been painted shut. The windows are about 10 feet above ground level, so I had to climb up on the first level of scaffolding and use a putty knife to break the paint between the sides of the window sash (the sliding part of the window) and the window frame.

I came back into our room and found out that the painters had painted shut our bedroom window too (for the third time this week). The last couple of times, I was able to pry it open from the inside, but I couldn't get it to budge this time. I went back outside with the putty knife and climbed on the first level of scaffolding in the back of the house to get to our bedroom window and get it unstuck.

While I was there, I noticed that the basement window under our bedroom window was cracked. As I looked at it closer, I saw it had a whole bunch of cracks, and they radiated from an apparent point of impact that lined up real nice with the corner of the wooden plank I was standing on. I had Rhye pass me the digital camera through the now open bedroom window and I snapped a few pictures of the damage. I climbed down off of the scaffolding and took a few more from the other side of the window in the basement walkway. The painters have said nothing about this broken window (as far as I know), so they're in for a little ass chewing on Monday.

We had two clotheslines strung up in the back of the house. The painters had taken them down sometime during their work on the house and Rhye asked me if I could put them back up today so she could wash and hang out some clothes. I got one line up, then couldn't find the hook for the second line. The painters had removed the hook on the side of the house that was holding up the second clothesline and who knows where it is now. (My guess it that it ended up in the trash.) Rhye wasn't too happy about that.

I will be really glad when this mess is over and done with and the painters are gone.

Update 05-Aug-2003: I showed the broken window to the painters yesterday morning. They did bring up a valid point that it was actually the scaffolding guys who broke the window, but since the scaffolding company is a subcontractor of the painters, the painters agreed to take care of it.

What was kind of funny about the whole thing is that Rhye's mother has been trying to get 3 other windows on the upper floors fixed. One was broken by the painters; the other 2 were not. Rhye's mother can't seem to make up her mind who she wants to fix them, so they are still not repaired. The painters had the broken window in the basement repaired by 4 PM.