Another step closer to having archive links that work?

I changed the method used to create the list of links on the right. Radio Userland has a built-in "Navigator Links" xml format file for this purpose, but it is somewhat limited in what it can do. I'm now using a Radio "outline" to create a opml format file (like xml, but different), which is then used to output the list of links. The outline makes setting up and managing the links quite a bit easier (editing, customizing, adding html code, etc.). It is also possible to use macros in the outline.

One problem I had that it took me a while to figure out was how to add "attributes" to links in the outline. If a person can figure out how, a "title" attribute (to display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the link) and a "target" attribute (to specify which window the link should open in when clicked) can be added to each link.

I discovered two ways to add a title or target attribute. One is to edit the opml file directly in a text editor. Find the line with the link you want to modify, and add the string title="LinkTooltip" or target="_blank" before the "/>" characters at the end of the line.

The other way is to select the link you want to add an attribute to. Open the "Quick Script" window (Tools, Developers, Quick Script on the Radio menu, or Ctrl+; in Windows / Cmd-; on the Mac?). Enter the following in the Quick Script window:

op.attributes.setOne ("attName", "attValue")

where attName is the name of the attribute you want to add ("title" or "target") and attValue is the value you want to set for that attribute. Run the script by clicking the "Run" button or pressing the Enter key. After setting an attribute, they can be examined by right clicking on the link and selecting "Debug". If the attribute was set correctly, it will appear as a table row in the Debug window.

Relative links are still a big problem. I'm hoping that I will find a macro or figure out how to write one that handles relative links correctly (especially the monthly archive links), no matter if the links are on the home page, a category home page, or an archive page for either one.