National telemarketing "Do Not Call" list

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Today is the last day to sign up for the national telemarketing Do Not Call list and have telemarketing calls blocked starting October 1st. If you register after today, telemarketing calls won't get blocked until 90 days after you register.

To register, go to or call 888-382-1222.

Note: Rhye tried to register our phone numbers and used her Hotmail address to receive the confirmation e-mails. She never received them. I re-registered our phone numbers using my Earthlink e-mail address, and received the confirmations within 60 seconds.

(Hat tip: CalPundit)

1 Comment

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I also used Hotmail, and I did not received the e-mails, but got an e-mail that my number is not registered.
Is it time for a class-action against M$?