Putting my new macro tricks to good use

Since I worked out the programming for my monthly archive links macro, I keep seeing little things everywhere that I used to think would never be fixed but now are "not too difficult" or even "easy".

In my news aggregator, I am subscribed to my own XML feed so I can see what is going out on it as I make new posts. The formatting for my posts has never looked like everyone else's, mainly because html tags were being included in the output. This was one of those things that I never thought I'd be able to fix.

Today I fixed it, and it was easy once I knew what to do. I already had a callback script in place to trim the length of each post in the XML feed to 300 characters. What I found out today was that Radio has a built-in function (searchEngine.stripMarkup). All it took was to add that one function to my callback script. The html tags are gone and I am a happy camper.