Shortcuts menu link is finally fixed!

For quite a while, the Shortcuts link on the Radio menu (Desktop Website) didn't work. When I clicked on the link, I got the following error: "[Macro error: This operation is not supported for table values. If you intended to take its address, use the '@' operator.]"

I thought my shortcuts (or something else) in Radio were permanently hosed. Something I didn't know then but I do now is that very little in Radio is permanently broken if you know where to look. I traced the code from the link in the menu back through Radio until I found the code that actually creates the Shortcuts page.

That particular macro reads data from weblogData.shortcuts.personal, so I took a look at the actual data it was trying to read. The first line had a name of "item #1", kind "table". The second line had the title of my first post as its name, and kind "string". The first entry looked wrong when compared to the second one, so I deleted the "item #1" entry. I tried the Shortcuts menu link again and it worked, so one more little Radio annoyance is now taken care of.

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