Strange search engine terms in referral logs

Josh Chafetz (OxBlog) links to Eve Tushnet's post on some of the strange Google search terms that led people to her site. Josh also lists a couple of search items that are generating hits for OxBlog.

Lately, most of my search engine hits have been in one of two categories: 1) my posts on Movable Type licensing issues and software copyrights, and 2) my posts on the violations and ignorance of California labor law by Rhye's ex-employer. Here's some of the latest search queries that generated hits on my posts about Rhye's ex-employer and California labor law:

california 30 days wages penalty texas
how to write letter to ex-employer requesting copy of my personal records
getting around overtime law
rhye job
laws on paying accrued vacation after termination of employee
can an employer force an employee to work overtime in california?
my ex-employer owes me salary
california labor law lunch six hours
california employment law timecards
terminated employee pay through end of the week california
"labor law" +employee +lunch +california +five
california labor laws employee timesheet change
penalty for not paying overtime california

Interesting to me, but not nearly as funny as Eve's.