Getting Radio to open the Desktop Website in Mozilla Firebird during startup - Part 2


This is part 2 in a series which explores Radio's problems in using the Mozilla Firebird browser on Radio startup and some possible solutions.

Parts in the series:
Part 1 - Radio uses the default application to open ".htm" files
Part 2 - Radio does not parse the Mozilla Firebird command line correctly.
Part 3 - Radio does not use the correct DDE name to "talk" to Mozilla Firebird.

Part 2 - Radio does not parse the Mozilla Firebird command line correctly.

When Mozilla Firebird is registered as the default Windows web browser, this is the command line that is registered for ".htm" files:


Your path may vary from the above, depending on where you installed Mozilla Firebird. The above path is the equivalent DOS 8.3 short path and file name for

C:\Program Files\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe -url "%1"

Before Radio attempts to launch the default web browser, it tries to strip any parameters in the command line so that only the path and filename of the .exe file remain. Unfortunately, Radio does not do this correctly for this particular command line.

In looking for parameters to remove, Radio recognizes "%" characters, "/" characters, and quote characters (") as possible parameter identifiers. Radio does not recognize "-" (dash) characters as a possible parameter identifier.

When Radio strips the parameters from the Mozilla Firebird command line, this is what Radio comes up with:


Radio then tries to locate this file name ("MOZILL~1.EXE -url") before launching it so that if the file is not there, Windows will not throw an error. There is no file with that name on the hard drive, so Radio shows the user a File Open dialog box, with "MOZILL~1.EXE -url" in the File Name box. The user selects the MozillaFirebird.exe file and clicks "Open", which gives Radio the correct name of the .exe file without the "-url" after it.

Radio also recognizes that if a path and file name are enclosed in quotes, that this quoted string is the entire path and file name and does not look any further. This provides the user with a good way to work around this bug.

In Windows Explorer (Windows XP), on the menu, click Tools, Folder Options. Click on the "File Types" tab. Scroll down through the list of extensions until you find "HTM". Click on "HTM" to select it. Click on the "Advanced" button, select the "open" action, click the "Edit" button, and enter the following command line in the "Application used to perform action:" box:

"C:\Program Files\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe" -url "%1"

The long file name should be used in this instance. If quotes are placed around the DOS 8.3 short path and filename, Windows recognizes that they are not necessary and will remove them.

A script set up as I described in Part 1 also gets around this bug by storing the correct path and file name (without the "-url") in user.webBrowser.winDefaultBrowserApp.

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I would like to be able to remove all of moziila from my system and havee tried.
I run win 98.
now when I try to open a webpage from my e-mail or try to view profiles in yahoo i am told i am misssing a file MOZILL~1.EXE. How can i remove all and set parameters back to original? I would really appreciate your help. Firebird ,I thought was a terrible program for a beginner like myself.

To remove Firebird, you should only need to delete the C:\Program Files\MozillaFirebird directory (or whatever directory you installed it in).

To set the default browser back to Internet Explorer, start Internet Explorer, then click Tools, Internet Options on the menu. Click on the "Programs" tab, then click the button that says "Reset Web Settings...".

Thank you for you help

Whenever I try to open JPEG files, I get the message that Mozill~1.exe cannot be found and is needed to view JPEG files. Please can you help me in being able to view my JPEG files again.

Thank you.

Start Windows Explorer. On the menu, click "Tools", then "Folder Options...". Click on the "File Types" tab.

Scroll down to "JPEG" extension and click on it once to select it. If you have a preferred program you want to use to open JPEG files, click the "Change" button and select the program you want to use in the program list. If you want to reset JPEG back to its default settings, click on the "Restore" button.

Thanks for your help, it worked.

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