Trackback bug - Trackback fails when post is not published to home page

Lisa (distant, early morning) posted about problems she was having with Radio's trackback in Radio UserLand's discussion forum ("trackback? what'am i doing wrong?", "trackback really hates me, error message", and "TrackBack error persisting").

There were multiple issues present, which I believe have been resolved except for one. In a number of her posts, this error is recorded in weblogData.posts.[postNum].trackback.outbound.urls.[url].errorstring:

Can't create item "radiocommentsManilaWebsite.#newsSite.radioHosting.trackback.users.
0127252.114.trackback.inbound.urls." because "" is an illegal name.

(User number 127252 is my Radio user number - in this particular post, Lisa linked to post #114 in my weblog.)

Lisa encountered this error a number of times, but this error appeared intermittently so its cause did not appear to be easy to determine. It is not easy to look at trackback errors across a number of posts, so I wrote a macro to dump a list of all posts with trackback error messages and some detail about those posts.

This macro is available at this link: trackbackErrors.txt

Recommended usage: Place the trackbackErrors.txt file in your /www/system/pages directory and browse to to view the report.

trackbackErrors.txt can also be placed in the /www directory. The file will be rendered, upstreamed, and the report will then be viewable by the public.

Lisa downloaded the trackbackErrors.txt file and ran it on her weblog. She has also placed trackbackErrors.txt in a rendered directory, so that it is viewable to the public as well. Her trackbackErrors report can be viewed here.

The trackback errors report for Lisa's weblog makes it easy to see what was common in every post where she receives this error: The post is not published to the "Home Page" (flNotOnHomePage is true).

I have a link to this report for my weblog as well. It can be viewed on my weblog here.

I have two occurrences of the above error, and they both occur in a post that was not published to the "Home Page".

It would appear that there is a problem with trackback pings if a post is not published to the "Home Page".

Lisa has reported our findings on Radio's forums, and I have reported this apparent bug to the Yahoo radio-dev mailing list.