Unpublished posts macro

In this Radio Userland discussion forum thread, the subject was initially how to enter posts into Radio without having them published, then quickly changed to the creation of a macro that would list all currently unpublished posts for the weblog.

I think I've written a macro that will do the job. If you want to try it out, download it from here. The macro actually produces two lists: The first list is a list of posts that are posted with the "Post" button (using the HTML editor's 3-button mode), and the second list is a list of posts that are not posted to the Home Page and not posted to any category (categories must be enabled in order to do this).

To install it, you will need to install it into Radio. Bring your Radio application to the front. From the 'File' menu choose 'Open...' and then select the newly downloaded script. A box will open, asking "Name for imported object?" and "workspace.unpublishedPosts" will be displayed in the text box. Click OK to install the script. You will then see the script in a window.

Click Compile, then close the window. (Or take a look at the code if you want to see what is under the hood, then close the window.)

In a blank text document, enter the following: <%workspace.unpublishedPosts ()%>

Save the text file to your /www/system/pages directory as unpublishedPosts.txt. Open your browser to and you should see a list of unpublished posts (if any) in your browser.

An "Edit" button is displayed next to each unpublished post that will bring up that post in the HTML editor when clicked on with the mouse.

If you need to use this page frequently, a link to can be placed in your Desktop Website template. However, this link should not be created in the Navigator Links.

Feedback, comments, and suggestions to improve this macro are welcome.