The Radio discussion forum thread from hell


In Radio's discussion forum, Hetty Litjens (Heli's Heaven and Hell Radio) started off a forum thread innocently enough:

"Are there any sound files other than wav that can be upstreamed to Radio cloud? If not, isn't it time this is made possible? Even a limitation to say 1 MB or 1 minute would be a great improvement.

  • Most other blogs, such as iBlog, do have possibilities to upload movies, mp3s etc. without any limitations."*

Four days went by without any response, so Hetty then posts this:

"HELLOOOOOO!!!! Anybody hoooooooooome?"

Lisa (distant, early morning) and I should have known that this was going to be trouble, but we both decided to help out.

If you want to see how far off-topic a thread (currently at 19 posts) can go, leaving logic and common-sense behind, I invite you to read it for yourself. I never thought I would have to flame someone in Radio's forums, but in this case, it is deserved.

Hetty barely comments on the thread in her weblog here.


*giggles insanely and wanders into never-never land*

How did you and Lisa get pulled into that? thanks, i needed something interesting to do at work :)

When I hear the distinctive sound of a pin being pulled from a grenade ...
When the sound of a shotgun shell being jacked into the chamber falls upon my ears ...

I leave the conversation. I think Hetty is one of those people who enjoy tossing grenades just to watch the bodies twitch. Pacifist in name only.


Well, guys, I have one vice. When I see inflated balloons, I entice people to blow them up even more. Then I pull my needle, and BANG.
That usually wakens them up. Some of them at least.
I am always deadly serious with my irony.
And I prefer words to grenades. But if someone would throw me a grenade I would send it flying back.
No hard feelings.

Ironically, we got pulled into the conversation by making the mistake of attempting to help Hetty.

*sighs* I'm tempted not to make that 'mistake' again; but I believe in the goodness of people - and the happiness far outweights the ridiculousness.

I love being called a terrorist when I try to help people; it really reinforces my belief in the fundamental silliness of some people. *grins*

Is your blog all about gathering articles and statements and pasting them on your blog? It seems you don't have opinions of your own? By the way, you should have a comments option so that readers have the choice to leave their freedom of expression. Guess that means we don't have a freedom of choice on your blog?