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I was checking over the web server error log at my host and saw something a little strange: some idiot at IP address (which a reverse DNS shows as proxy3.telecom.com.co) tried to access all of the following files within 1 second:


A machine that appears to be routing through a proxy server and trying to access a mail program on my account makes me think somebody is hoping I would be a spam relay for them. Fortunately, formmail is not installed in my /cgi-bin directory. Tough luck, you little scum-sucker!


Hey, well, speaking of spam artists... I couldn't find an email address on your page.
I found a post of yours on the mt support forum, and thought I'd come straight to the source.

Your archive is great, i really like how you've got the date/day format hanging on the right. However, I seem unable to duplicate it. here's my code:

(code deleted by TweezerMan)

As you've probably guessed, I don't understand everything that's going on in there. I modified it to get an output that seems to work though, except I can't figure out how to align the (feb 04) style date on the right of each entry.

Thanks if you can help! Sorry to pollute your page with MT queries.

my archives: http://www.gojongo.com/archives.php

erm, guess that code isn't going to paste properly.

email me at jonTTT@gojongo.com minus the TTT

I posted the code I used for my archive indexes in my post "Setting up category indexes in Movable Type"

Thank you sir, it's working perfectly!

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