MT-Blacklist - Day 13

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1. Three days ago, MT-Blacklist logged its first comment rejection for matching the "online casino" regex.

2. Yesterday, MT-Blacklist logged its second comment rejection for matching one of the domains in the blacklist.

3. Today, MT-Blacklist logged another comment rejection for matching the "Mike's Apartment" regex.

4. Also today, a spammer commented on 2 of my posts from back in August. (I guess some of these spammers think they'll escape notice by commenting on old posts.) Anyway, this spammer posted links to 32 web sites, all of which were sub-domains of a single domain. I entered the single main domain in MT-Blacklist and let it do the rest. The spammer can create all the sub-domains he wants - they are *all* blocked now. Just for good measure, I also reported the spam to the MT-Blacklist clearinghouse.

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I found this script while looking through the MT-Blacklist Forum and it works really well. Thanks to Tweezerman for this great script. I haven't seen it posted anywhere else, so... Read More

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Most legit comments come within days, maybe weels of a post. I have rarely maybe never had a meaningful, non-spam comment form from an old post.

I found it worthwhile to close off old posts to comments using a close comments script (run as cron job to stay current):

You can then use conditional in comment templates to display the comment form (if open) or to provide an explanation.