MT-Blacklist - Day 3


I received another comment spam. This assclown picked an entry from last August (hoping I wouldn't notice), posted "great site, well done" then listed 35 URLs as "Other Resources". This one got the full treatment - I reported the spam to the MT-Blacklist Clearinghouse, added all 35 URLs to my blacklist, and then deleted the comment by letting MT-Blacklist de-spam my comments.


I was checking in to see how you were coming along with this since I have had about ten comment spams in the last couple of days. First ones in several months. Gives me a real pain in the ass - not the least of which are the impulses that I then have to contend with in myself. And, they're picking old posts in my case too. Not sure whether Blacklist can keep up with it.

I console myself by recognizing that I my server side spam filter receives around 700 email spams/day, and about 10 a day slip by and into my inbox. With that frame of reference, I guess comment spam could be worse.

> posted "great site, well done" then listed *35* URLs


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