Tags Omitted From MT Manual

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While I was compiling a list of all MT template tags, I ran across some tags that are not documented in the MT manual. Here is a list of those tags with an approximate explanation of what I believe they do:

Returns a URL for the Creative Commons License image/logo.

The relative URL (path) extracted from the CGIPath setting in mt.cfg.

Alias for MTCommentAuthor.

The setting for SearchScript in your mt.cfg file; the default value is mt-search.cgi.

The setting for XMLRPCScript in your mt.cfg file; the default value is mt-xmlrpc.cgi.

These tags are not anything earth-shattering, but I thought they were interesting. Why was I compiling a list of template tags (and attributes)? So I can take full advantage of UltraEdit's syntax highlighting when editing my MT templates.

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Undocumented MT tags and UltraEdit Wordfile for MT templates from Technology & Business, Project Management & Marketing comments, review and links by Christoph C. Cemper, Project Manager on February 6, 2004 1:53 PM

Tweezer's Edge pointed me to some undocumented MT template tags. MTBlogCCLicenseImage MTCGIRelativeURL MTCommentName MTSearchScript MTXMLRPCScript not earth-shattering anyhow... but there's some talk about an UltraEdit wordfile for MT... I want it!!!..... Read More



do you have an UltraEdit wordfile for MT tags? Can you provide it for me and others (maybe via your blog?)


Hi there TweezerMan. I'm sorry to bother you and to be posting an off-topic comment, but I can't see anywhere to contact you directly... Back in November you made a post about "Radio Userland comments: Capture/Export" and were having a discussion with Steve Kirks about creating a tool to get the comments from the Userland server. It's exactly what I need, because I'm switching to HaloScan comments, because RU comments have no features(!), so I was wondering if you got anywhere on this tool and/or if you could give me any assistance in getting my comments transfered to HaloScan. I actually don't have that many comments, as I've only been blogging since November, and well, I just haven't gotten many comments, to my chagrin, but I still hate to go to the trouble of moving them manually if I could somehow download them from the server...


Another tag attribute that I found while browsing the MT source, is the "no_generate" attribute for the <MTEntryExcerpt> tag. For example,

<MTEntryExcerpt no_generate="1">

will not automatically generate an excerpt based on you preferences. If the Excerpt field contains text, it will be output -- if not, the tag will output nothing.