The Real Threat of Second-Hand Smoke

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The local NBC affiliate here in San Francisco ran a story about new state laws that took effect on January 1. One of those new laws was targeted at smokers:

The New Year -- and a new law -- will force California smokers to move 20 feet from main entrances, exits and operable windows of certain public buildings in the state when they light up.

The Statewide Smoke-Free Entryway Law, AB 846, that goes into effect Thursday, prohibits smoking within 20 feet of public building entryways and exits, including those of California State University, University of California and community college buildings. The law excludes prison yards.

This law is just more hassle for smokers, but I didn't cite this story to talk about the law. In the story, Ned Roscoe, a former California gubernatorial candidate who ran in the recall election, conceded that second-hand smoke is indeed a problem:

"I think that secondhand smoke is definitely a threat to the mental health of non-smokers. It drives them crazy."

I totally agree.

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