High praise for Rhye

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Rhye wrote up a Newbie Tip for Liz on "How To Insert A Picture Into Your (Radio) Blog", based on the following remark in Liz's weblog:

"...and if I ever figure out how to upload pictures, you will see for yourselves. I know that I just need to go to Rhye's site and find the info, because she is the be-all, end-all Radio Goddess, but that didn't happen today."

Rhye thanked Liz for the encouraging words, but claims its not even half-true. If you only knew about all the macro code Rhye helped me write (wink!). I only aspired to be a "Rogue Radio Rat" (and not a "Radio Rug Rat"!).

Rhye really is doing a great job of helping out in the Radio forums, even though she seems to attract more than her fair share of Mac users with Salon.com weblogs and she has neither one.

P.S. Rhye should really know better than to tell me not to post things like this. :)

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