MTEntryModifiedDate tag and MT3

A few days ago, I documented a bug in the MTEntryModifiedDate tag for MT versions 2.65, 2.66, and 2.661. Lisa and I were chatting earlier today, and we both wondered if the MTEntryModifiedDate tag worked correctly in MT3 (currently in beta testing).

Lisa and I do not have the MT3 beta, so I asked Les (Stupid Evil Bastard), an MT3 beta tester, if he would mind seeing if the MTEntryModifiedDate tag worked correctly in MT3 or not. Les temporarily added an MTEntryModifiedDate tag to his main index template and rebuilt the page so we could see the dates returned by the MTEntryDate and MTEntryModifiedDate tags side by side.

Somewhat surprisingly, the MTEntryModifiedDate tag appears to function correctly in MT3. Most of his entries showed different 'created' and 'modified' dates (as they should if the tag is working correctly).

This is good news for MT3 - I am glad that the MTEntryModifiedDate tag works there. But I am somewhat disappointed that someone at Six Apart apparently repaired the bug for MT3 but said nothing to current MT users about it, nor issued any sort of patch or update to fix it. It leaves me with the impression that MT 2.x development (which would be only bug fixes now) is dead, and has been for quite a while.

P.S. Les - Thanks for checking this out!

Update 12-May-2004: Lisa and I both believed it was likely that the bug in MTEntryModifiedDate had been carried over into MT3. Come to find out, we were right - the bug had indeed made it into the MT3 alpha code. The bug was reported 2 months ago and fixed 3 days later (March 16). The work I did to figure out and document the bug and its fix was an exercise in reinventing the wheel.

MT3 isn't even out yet, but MT 2.x is already orphaned.