Ocean Shores, WA

Yesterday, Rhye's mother was watching TV and saw Erik Estrada in an infomercial, selling properties in Ocean Shores, WA. Rhye's mom made us look at it and told us we should buy a house there, since they were selling for only $22,900. It took a while for me to explain to Rhye's mom that they were selling the land only - that we would be buying an empty lot with no house on it. Don't ask me why she thought you could buy land anywhere with a house on it for only $23K.

I caught the infomercial again in the wee hours this morning and was curious as to what the details of the deal were, so as the infomercial progressed, I snapped screenshots of the details and disclaimers that are usually on the screen for only a second or two. One thing I found surprising is that they're offering financing of the land purchase at 13.9% APR. Why any buyer would accept that rate is beyond me.

Purely by accident, I managed to capture a typo that got past the editors and proofreaders.


What caught my eye was the line:

Obtain the Property Report or its equivalent required by Federal and State law and read it before singing anything.

My question: What song are you supposed to sing after reading the Property Report??