The Queen of All Evil has her own realm

Dean Esmay's wife Rosemary has started her own weblog - The Queen of All Evil. If you don't know the Queen ("If conservatism is evil, then she's the queen!"), check out "Who Is The Queen of All Evil?" to learn how she came by her title.

Bill from INDC Journal had the following to say about The Queen of All Evil this past weekend:

In a recent thread, tempers flared and insults were exchanged. A couple of commenters made note that the typical level of discourse at Dean's World had hit a low point. Since I am at the con, I felt a bit guilty, especially because I've been one of the belligerents. That is, until I thought ...

What would Rosemary the Queen of All Evil do?

And my answer?

* She wouldn't put up with taking praise away from Pat Tillman just because the sacrifice of others may not receive enough attention ...

* And she also wouldn't put up with the morally equivalent horseshit that refuses to condemn moonbats that root for the forces that are killing our troops in Iraq and sabotaging our attempt to rebuild that country into a successful representative society.

She'd say something like, "You want pussy? Read Atrios."

Needless to say, The Queen of All Evil is now on my blogroll. If you like her brand of evil, by all means add her to your blogrolls too.