Tweezer's Edge 1st Anniversary

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The Tweezer's Edge is one year old today!

I've learned a lot during the past year - HTML/XHTML, CSS, XML & RSS, JavaScript, Radio UserLand's UserTalk macro language, and even some Perl. The weblog was initially created with Blogger; later it was migrated to Radio UserLand, and migrated again to Movable Type.

When I began writing my weblog, I thought that I would write commentary on social and political issues. As I read more and more weblogs, I found that others wrote about these issues much better than I ever could, and in much more depth. One good piece of advice I've tried to keep in mind is "Write about what you know". As I grew in my knowledge of Radio UserLand, I found that what I know best is technical stuff - writing about how to do cool things, explaining bugs, writing code and documentation, etc. So that's what a large percentage of my posts ended up being wrote about.

A fitting mark to the blog's anniversary: My SiteMeter crossed 15,000 visitors today. Many of those visitors wound up here from Google, looking for programming help or information about labor law (among other things). My weblog is not a high traffic site by any means, but its nice to know that people are reading what I write.

Considering the numerous changes in the structure and direction of my weblog writing in the past year, I really have no idea where the next year will lead, other than I plan to stick with the weblog.

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my blog friends - blogging is definitely more fun and interesting when its a shared journey: Thank you Lisa and Julie!
We do really need to get together sometime. ;)

Just to write something funny, I posted this one year ago today (my second post):


My fiancée says I'm a coconut head. Me thinks she's probably right.

If you ask my fiancée today, she'll tell you I'm more of a coconut-head than ever. (But that's something I'm proud of!) Thank you Rhye for your encouragement and support, even in the early days when you thought I was nuts to want to write a weblog in the first place.

And finally, a big thank you to my blog's readers - without you, this weblog would just be an echo chamber.

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Tweezer's Edge 1st Anniversary ! Tweezer's Edge made one year's old April 28th, Happy Blogday! I remember when TweezerMan first started "dinking" around with his blog. Read More


It's been great, TM. I love your site; and missed it when you were on hiatus for a bit there. I'ts good to see you back and the edge is still alive. =)

wow..congrats on your 1yr anniversary..I missed talking to you and tweaking the bugs in radio..I agree someday we all need to get together

Congratulations and a big thank you for all of your help!