Comment spam and MT3D


Some new spammers have taken a liking to my weblog while I was upgrading from MT 2.661 to MT3D. In the past week, I've had over 200 comment spams posted to the weblog and 500 more were rejected by MT-Blacklist (on MT 2.661).

MT3D's comment approval queue is keeping the spam comments off of the MT3D weblog pages, but it does nothing to keep them from coming back and clogging up the queue again. I've already received 50 comment spams today, all hawking the same URL in the body of the comments. The IP addresses, names, and e-mail addresses are different in every comment, so I currently have no way to keep the little bastards from coming back and posting more.

I miss having MT-Blacklist in MT3D. Of all the plugins created for MT, Six Apart should have paid Jay Allen a huge chunk of money for the rights to MT-Blacklist and incorporated it into MT3D. A new version of MT-Blacklist is being developed for MT3D - I just wish I didn't have to wait for it.


Completely agree with you, I hope Jay incorporates the email block as well as a lot of the spam is starting to get similar email as well. Eagerly waiting for Blacklist 2.0 What's saving me so far is the comment moderation. THe day spammers decide to sign up with typekey, the day mt goes to hell !

Well, that's not necessarily so, Arvind. If they're TypeKey registered, you're quickly able to ban them and delete their comments. You can also require that TypeKey registered comments need to be approved first. :-)