New MT3 vaporware plugin


I had some weird dreams last night; one of them was an idea for a new MT3 plugin. About all this new plugin had going for it was its name - "MT-Vampire".

When I told Rhye about it this morning, she asked me what it was supposed to do. I said, "Why does it have to do anything? People will want to install it just so they can say they're running MT-Vampire!"

I figured the plugin would at least change all of the MT admin pages to display in some sort of Goth theme with blood dripping from everything on the page. And the plugin would definitely suck all the data out of something.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to have an icon for MT-Vampire on your weblog: MT-Vampire plugin Just further proof to Rhye that I really am a coconut-head.


Is MT-Vampire backwards-compatible with MT 2.661? Or do I need to upgrade to MT 2.666, first? ;)

i can always count on you to make me laugh..that is completely funny :)

You're going to be blog rolled. :-D