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For MT3D user who want to use popup comments, I've updated my CommentFields template module to (hopefully) work with popup comments. The details can be seen in the original entry, and the new template module code is available at the existing link (CommentFields.txt).

Update 24-Jun-2004: Javascript code in template module has been modified to address problem of some browsers (such as Internet Explorer for Windows) not refreshing the page after a TypeKey sign in or sign out.

After listening carefully to Movable Type's users, Six Apart has updated and improved MT3's license terms yet again. Six Apart CEO Mena Trott announced the new license terms on Six Apart's weblog. The pages describing the various levels of Movable Type licenses and pricing have also been improved: they are organized and presented better, making them much easier to understand.

Notable changes:

  • Weblog restrictions removed from all paid licenses.
  • Personal Edition ($69.95): Up to 5 authors and an unlimited number of weblogs for personal use.
  • Unlimited Personal Edition ($99.95): Allows for an unlimited number of authors and weblogs for personal use.
  • Commercial licenses: Price solely based on number of users.
    Licenses can be purchased for 5, 10, 20, 35 and 50 seats. (More than 50, contact Six Apart.)
  • Educational and Non-profit license pricing information now available.

The only thing missing is the actual legal text of the licenses. As far as I know, the only place you can actually see it is during the process of purchasing and downloading MT. I've asked for links to pages with the actual legal text of the licenses - hopefully my request will be answered soon.

Update: Shelley (from Six Apart) provided a link to all of the new MT3D Licenses in the comments and on the MT Forums (within 6 hours, I might add). Now all the MT site needs is a prominent link to the Licenses page itself. Thanks, Shelley!

mBlog Users - Beware!

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I've heard of mBlog mentioned every now and then in the MT Forums without knowing exactly what it was. Until now, I thought it it had something to do with "mobile blogging", which it does:

mBlog combines the latest in Internet and wireless technology so that you can post Text and Multimedia to your live journal.

But it is way more than that.

I got my first hint in a comment by Phil Ringnalda:

But there's no question in the license: you may not "Use the Software to provide hosting services to others." Given how fuzzy the line is between your reasonable sort of hosting and the complete fricken' nightmare that's mblog.com, with their "unlimited free signups, virtually no support, no way to actually control the software, but a prominent link to the support forum" approach, I can see why 6A would want to absolutely prohibit any hosting (other than hosting they approve of, since the pricing page does imply that there are or will be hosts that offer MT preinstalled).

Today in the MT Forums, Phil fully explains what mBlog is:

mBlog is a hacked up version of Movable Type, which violates the MT license agreement, and the stream of people it sends over here asking questions without realizing that the answers won't work for them because they are using a hacked up and feature-limited version is very probably one of the reasons that the new MT license is so much more strict than the previous versions.

I wondered if this could really be true. Would someone actually be dumb enough to so blatantly violate MT's license?.

The <MTEntries> tag in Movable Type has a "recently_commented_on" attribute, which lists the 'N' most recently commented on entries. However, this attribute does not work in category archive pages - MT ignores the attribute in that case and will list every entry in the category.

At first, I thought this was a bug, but after doing some searching through the MT Forums, I discovered that the recently_commented_on attribute has always behaved this way - it was never designed to work in a category archive.

The typical solution is to use a separate index template containing the <MTEntries> tag and recently_commented_on attribute, and use a PHP or SSI include to insert the recently commented on entry list into a category archive page. This weblog does not use PHP, and only my blog's main page is set up for SSI, so I preferred a solution that did not require PHP or SSI.

Using Brad Choate's SQL plugin, I created an SQL query that lists recently commented on entries for whatever category is in context on a category archive page.

Here's the code I'm using in my category archive templates: