MT3D license and price update - Round 2

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After listening carefully to Movable Type's users, Six Apart has updated and improved MT3's license terms yet again. Six Apart CEO Mena Trott announced the new license terms on Six Apart's weblog. The pages describing the various levels of Movable Type licenses and pricing have also been improved: they are organized and presented better, making them much easier to understand.

Notable changes:

  • Weblog restrictions removed from all paid licenses.
  • Personal Edition ($69.95): Up to 5 authors and an unlimited number of weblogs for personal use.
  • Unlimited Personal Edition ($99.95): Allows for an unlimited number of authors and weblogs for personal use.
  • Commercial licenses: Price solely based on number of users.
    Licenses can be purchased for 5, 10, 20, 35 and 50 seats. (More than 50, contact Six Apart.)
  • Educational and Non-profit license pricing information now available.

The only thing missing is the actual legal text of the licenses. As far as I know, the only place you can actually see it is during the process of purchasing and downloading MT. I've asked for links to pages with the actual legal text of the licenses - hopefully my request will be answered soon.

Update: Shelley (from Six Apart) provided a link to all of the new MT3D Licenses in the comments and on the MT Forums (within 6 hours, I might add). Now all the MT site needs is a prominent link to the Licenses page itself. Thanks, Shelley!

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