BSA unveils cartoon mascot

The BSA says this a ferret, but I say it looks like a weasel!

As part of a campaign to convince kids not to use peer-to-peer (file sharing) networks to illegally share copyrighted files, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) announced this new mascot.

What is it? With the dark eyes and big evil grin, I guessed it was a weasel. It appeared to me that the BSA would be using this cartoon character to represent illegal file-sharers and thus try to shame them into stopping their illegal activities by showing them as weasels.

I was wrong - it's supposed to be a ferret, not a weasel. But I was apparently not too far off in my guess:

The ferret, by the way, does seem to be an odd mascot choice for an organization devoted to strict legal adherence, given that the weasel-like mammals are outlawed in California and several other states.

"weasel-like mammals" - Isn't that another term for "lawyers"?

As a weasel, I thought this would be a perfect mascot to represent organizations like the BSA, the RIAA, and the MPAA instead. Their tactics in combating illegal file-sharing certainly hasn't garnered them any sympathy.

Hat tip: Stupid Evil Bastard, who says the BSA campaign isn't even targeting the correct audience.

Update: SEB also notes: "They even have a game featuring the ferret where you run around destroying pirated software while collecting legal licenses."

For the youngsters, I thought a better game would be "whack-the mole", with the weasel getting repeatedly whacked on the head. And for the PG-13 and above crowd, arm the player with a shotgun and let them blow away the weasel with extreme prejudice.