New member of the family

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This is Callie, the newest member in our family since Sunday. She's almost 3 months old (the vet estimated 10-12 weeks) and weighs about 2 pounds.

Callie has been shy so far - the house and the people are still kind of spooky to her. She's been hiding out in something (her kitty bed, a box, or her carrier) or under something (like the bed or some low shelves) since Rhye's sister brought her home. She is a nice kitty though - although easily startled, she doesn't mind being held or being petted.

Rhye snapped these pics yesterday after I tried to get Callie to play with a piece of string (the universal cat toy). I was able to get her to swat at the string and occasionally bite at it, but she won't chase it (yet).

Callie has a pretty bad cold right now, with a runny nose and a fair amount of coughing and sneezing. I think that's partly why she's been sleeping almost all the time - getting over her cold is just taking a lot out of her.

Funny cat moment: On Callie's first morning here, we had just woke up and were getting ready to feed her. I was standing in the hallway, cradling Callie in my arm while waiting for Rhye and Rhye's sister to come out. All of a sudden, Callie lets out two really loud meows. While I'm wondering what she's meowing about, my hand and my sweatshirt become very warm and wet. Translation: Loud meow means "I need to go to the litter box NOW!!". (Things like this are why I've come to hate Mondays.)

Welcome to our family, Callie!

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ah, she is so adorable..

she is so cute. how long do you think your mom wont know about the little callie?

what a beauty
concretulations David (and family)
and also from Speranza (our 10 years old, lady of the house)

LOL nice! May be a bit late in the game now, but try rubbing a bit of butter on her paws. She'll spend time licking it off (and enjoying the taste too) which helps cats 'acclimatize' and get comfortable with their surroundings. :)

pretty kitty

Darling kitten, beautiful site, interesting reading and expert advice. Two paws up!

What a cutie! Is she on meds for the cold? Some of my least favorite experiences ever have been trying to medicate newly-adopted cats who, in addition to hating meds by nature of their being feline, were also incredibly distrustful of their new humans. No fun. At any rate, hope she feels better soon, and I'm sure she'll make a wonderful addition to your family.

I know this is not about the cute kitten, but saw your name and english type. Can you please email and tell me your connection to Maaswinkel. That was my grandfathers name.