mBlog bites the dust

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I've previously written about mBlog and their illegal Movable Type hosting service. In a stroke of good news, mBlog has apparently closed their doors, with the following text now on their home page:

mBlog has attempted to provide an exceptional service for the blogging community at no cost. Unfortunately due to member abuse, inability to reach agreement with Moveable Type and hosting cost overhead we have incurred an extremely high deficit. We stand to incur further costs which we hope that our members' gratitude will help us offset. Unfortunately we can no longer offer support or continue this service at penalty to us.

To those who had weblogs on mBlog, I offered this advice:

I strongly recommend that bloggers stay away from mBlog. If you have a blog there, export your data (if you're able to) and go somewhere else while you still can. A short letter from Six Apart's attorneys to mBlog's hosting provider may be all it takes to turn out the lights on mBlog, potentially leaving mBlog's users stranded with no way to get a copy of their weblog data.

As a result of mBlog's shutdown, mBlog's users do not appear to be completely stranded without access to their weblog data - it's just being held for ransom:

A number of requests from our members have prompted us to offer a restoration service at a nominal fee. To obtain an archive of your files for import into an alternate blogging system please enter your mBlog name below.

I can't say that I'm exactly broken up over mBlog's demise. (Hat tip: Shelley)

Update: Mena Trott comments, and offers some advice to former mBlog users in "Stranded Bloggers".

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yeah mblog are morons. they shut down and are holding them for ransom for $35US. i cant believe its legal for them to do that! oh well i guess i am one of the suckers who will pay because i want all my entries back.

I wanted to say a very very big thank you! to you (and Phil Ringnalda). I started backing up my entries after every post (which became very infrequent as I used the time towards researching a suitable legal place to host my weblog that wouldn't violate my conscience.) I'm hosted temporarily at Blogger, but I'm looking forward to overhauling the layout and re-launching with my very own legitimate copy of MT.

Thank you again for letting people know about mBlog. In spite of the comments of users who got burned, I know of at least 3 weblogs that have been saved because I sent them to your previous entry.