weblogs.us Users - Beware!

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Another warning, this time to users of weblogs.us. These guys are running a service much like mBlog was, and is just as illegitimate.

It is not obvious from their web site, but weblogs.us is using a single copy of Movable Type to host all weblogs in violation of MT's license. In their support forum, the hosting setup is made clear in a discussion about MT plugins:

"Since everyone is installed under one main MT installation plugins must be installed by JD on the server and they will effect everyone.

I don't know if it is accurate or up to date, but their list of members' weblogs currently lists 187 weblogs, and their blog setup queue shows another 640 weblogs awaiting setup (all of which would presumably run under the "one main MT installation").

The admins of weblog.us seem to be about as ignorant about MT's license as the people running mBlog.com. They are aware that the old MT 2.661 license allows for unlimited authors and weblogs, but appear to have missed this point:

"Prohibited uses include, without limitation,... hosting, or offering to host, the Software, on any basis;..." (From the MT 2.661 Personal, Non-Commercial Use License, which was in force if MT was downloaded prior to May, 2004.)

Their "service" is definitely lacking some frills:

P.S. We don't accept payment for installation or hosting, we don't have PHP, we don't allow FTP. We are working on an easy way for folks to manage their files. For most people the "Upload" feature of MT is getting them by for now.

The warning I offered to mBlog users applies equally to weblogs.us users:

I strongly recommend that bloggers stay away from weblogs.us. If you have a blog there, export your data (if you're able to) and go somewhere else while you still can. A short letter from Six Apart's attorneys to weblogs.us' hosting provider may be all it takes to turn out the lights on weblogs.us, potentially leaving weblogs.us' users stranded with no way to get a copy of their weblog data.

Now that I know what weblogs.us is, the only "support" I will be providing to its users is to tell them the weblogs.us service is a gross violation of MT's licenses. As far as I'm concerned, weblogs.us' users should not expect nor have any right to any support in the MT Forums.

Update: weblogs.us announces migration to WordPress.

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Update. from There Aint no Sanity Clause. on October 19, 2004 5:21 AM

Just a note on the reasons behind the demise of mblog, and another blog hoster likely to bite the dust for similar reasons. Read More


It boggles the mind how some people can be so ignorant, of something simple like the MT licence. Dont get me wrong, i didn't read all of it, but i managed to pick up that you cant run more than one blog on it, without paying.

I don't understand why weblog.us doesn't just pay for (They're probably broke) the use of mt, it's a bloody good product and i'd be extremely surprised if wordpress is better.

By the way, tweezerman i've linked to your site, your site was a real help getting my comments to work properly.

So thanks, great site.

This post is a bit outdated.

I called SixApart in 2004. They agreed to let us continue hosting our existing MT blogs (i.e. by ratification, our hosting existing non-commercial MT blogs is legal.) Since I spoke to SixApart all our new bloggers have been Wordpress based. We never charged users for blog hosting and we never will. We also don't put advertising on our users’ blogs. It is *not* a for profit venture.

Many thanks to SixApart for their contributions to the blogging community and their overall niceness.

Also many thanks to the author of Tweezer's Edge, when I spoke to SixApart they had a lot of good things to say about him.

----More updates---
Chris Fryer (one of the commentors above) has updated his position: http://www.chrisfryer.com/blog/archives/2004/11/i_think_i_am_an.php

Tweezer's Edge also has their update:

Weblogs.us is still happily hosting bloggers :-)

-JD Hodges
(creator of Weblogs.us)