Kitty caught in the act

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Look at what I caught Callie doing when she thought no one was looking:

"The water tastes so much better in here..."

"What?? I wasn't doing anything!"

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Mischievious Baby Kitty! from Just Around The Bend on January 3, 2005 12:38 AM

It's been a while since I mentioned about our little baby kitty Callie. Lil' Baby Kitty Callie don't look like a little baby kitty anymore she is looking more and more like a cat. She still has that rambunciousness about... Read More

Here's a funny blog post I just came across while surfing for something to write about. Its about cats. You don't have to like cats to enjoy it. That's the only clue I'm giving you. You'll have to go see.... Read More


That is hilarious! She actually does look a little guilty in the second photo too. So cute...

What a great photo! We used to have trouble with cats falling into the toilet when people would leave the seat up (since we were good about keeping them down because of kitty-drinking issues).

*splash* *high speed run to the other side of the house* ;)

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