Tweezer's Edge to appear on "E! True Hollywood Story"

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E! Entertainment Television recently contacted me about the comments to my post "Scott Peterson's mail bag". They are producing an "E! True Hollywood Story" episode about women who fall in love with prisoners - especially those on death row. The working title of the episode is "E! True Hollywood Story Investigates: Love Behind Bars" and is expected to air sometime in March, 2005.

E! is looking for Scott Peterson admirers who would be willing to be interviewed on camera. They are searching for more potential interview subjects, so if you know someone who fits what E! is looking for and is interested in participating, tell them to stop by before January 31st.

The neat part for me is that E! plans to use a shot of my webpage on air. I've asked for permission to host a few screenshots and perhaps a short video clip of the episode when it airs, and it appears I will receive it.

I was not aware of this, but E! informed me that a couple of the comments on my post were used in a Chicago Sun-Times story this past November ("Death romance"). Unfortunately, my weblog was not credited or linked as the source of the postings.

The amazing part of all this: The comments from a two-line weblog post made 18 months ago are interesting enough to get my weblog on a TV show. Who'd believe that?

Update 18 Apr 2005: The program premiered last night - see follow-up post for details.

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