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My weblog made a brief appearance on the two hour episode of "True Hollywood Story Investigates: Love Behind Bars", which premiered last night on E!. Within the first minute of the program, you'll see a shot of this comment (made on my "Scott Peterson's mail bag" entry). You can also see it in the video clip of the intro on E!'s web site, about 2/3 of the way to the end. (Don't blink, or you're liable to miss it.)


In exchange for allowing this weblog to be shown in the episode, I received a credit at the end of the program.


While E! spelled my name right, they got my domain name wrong!! '' is the web site for Tweezerman International - manufacturer of tweezers, manicure implements, and lash tools. I wonder if this can be fixed, or if it cast in stone forever:


E! aired "THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars" twice last night. It will air again on Wednesday, April 20th, and Sunday, April 24th. (I'm sure it will air on additional dates in the future as well).

And there's my 5 seconds of fame!

Update 18 Apr 2005: I e-mailed E! this morning about my domain name in the credits - E! is going to try to have it corrected before the program airs next on Wednesday, April 20.

Update 20 Apr 2005: Here's a screenshot of the credits from tonight's airing of the program.


As you can see, E! did correct my domain name. Thanks, Melissa!!


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Apparently, Scott has attracted dozens of female admirers who are writing to him in prison. Sheesh. Update 05 Jan 2005: I have been contacted by E! Entertainment Television regarding the comments on this post. They are producing an "E! True... Read More


No problem - thanks for helping us out with the show!

Cool - Congrats!

Very nice. It's great you were in the credits but excellent that they made the change for you.