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Little Pink Ponies

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Kelo vs. New London that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses for private development, declaring that it was a "public use" within the scope of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution.

In Kelo, the city of New London, CT sought to use eminent domain in order to seize the homes and business in its Fort Trumbull neighborhood, then turn the land over to a private developer. The developer was to construct a hotel, condos, a health club, and private offices to enhance Pfizer Corporation's plant adjacent to the Fort Trumbull neighborhood. The justification for this: economic redevelopment. In other words, the city would make more in taxes if it could take the property away from homeowners and give it to a large corporation. (The Institute of Justice has excellent information and background on the case.)

I was hoping that the Supreme Court would place some limit on the ability of local governments to condemn property for any reason whatsoever. The decision is a disappointing one, but not totally unexpected - eminent domain seizures like the one in Kelo have been occurring for years.

Who really owns their own home any more, when the government can take your property away from you if they think it would be put to better use (i.e. generate more tax dollars) by giving it to a business or commercial developer? Who's house couldn't be put to "better use" as a Wal-Mart, Costco, office building, sports stadium, etc.?

Blogging Ettiquette: Trackbacks

People sending trackback pings from weblogs that don't have any link to your weblog seems to be a popular subject today. In my book, this ranks right up there with commenters who say "Nice post!" just to get their blog's URL on your comments page.

My policy is pretty much the same as what I've read on other weblogs today: the trackbacks are summarily deleted. In addition, I usually consider it about the same as trackback spam and therefore a death penalty offense - I also add the weblog's domain to MT-Blacklist, so I'll never see that weblog's URL in a trackback or comment again.

Hat tips (but no trackbacks): A Small Victory (great post title), Daily Pundit, INDC Journal, Cake Eater Chronicles