R.I.P. MT-Blacklist


Due to the increasing abuse of the master blacklist file on Jay Allen's server, culminating in its being hit 2.4 million times over a 4 day period, MT-Blacklist and the master blacklist are now dead and won't be coming back.

Thank you, Jay, for providing MT-Blacklist when it was needed most and putting everything you did into it to keep it working for as long as you did.

P.S. 2.4 million hits isn't a quarter of a billion, but it's still a helluva lot. ;)


That's it? Are you done posting based on the supposed end of MT Blacklist? That seems somewhat defeatist to me.

"Supposed end"? MT-Blacklist *is* dead. It is no longer supported and has been released as open source. It is not recommended for use with MT 3.2 - SpamLookup is recommended as a replacement. What else is there to say?

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