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Milestone for the car

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Our car finally hit a magic mile marker a couple of months ago:

100,000 miles

When we bought the car in 1992, it had almost 76,000 miles on it, so it only took us 13 years to put another 24 thousand miles on it.

The car has been good to us - not too many mechanical issues over the years. Hopefully the car will last us another 100,000 miles.

Plugins for MT6 - new and removed

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Plugins that I installed specifically for Movable Type 6, and plugins provided with Movable Type 6 that I disabled by removing them from the /plugins directory.

This post describes the list of plugins I had in my Movable Type 3 installation, and why I chose to include them in the Movable Type 6 installation by copying them to the /plugins subdirectory of my Movable Type 6 installation, or not include them, before I performed the actual upgrade to Movable Type 6.

Upgrade Type

  • Parallel installation of MT6 to new subdomain mt6.tweezersedge.com.
  • Upgrade on copy of MT3 MySQL database

If something went wrong during the upgrade, I could revert back to the original version, or recopy the database and try again. Plus, I will have the original installation as a reference point if I wanted to see how something was in the old installation, which I had not looked at in the past 10 years.

  • Install MT files to single directory

My web host allows execution of .cgi scripts from any directory, so I did not need to install the MT files to a cgi-bin directory, nor did I need to install the mt-static files separate from the main MT files.

  • Copy MySQL database

To copy the original database, I used phpMyAdmin in cPanel to create a new database, then exported and downloaded the MT 3.33 database to a file, then used phpMyAdmin again to upload the export file and import it into a new database.

To make things easier for me, I granted the MT 3.33 database user permissions on the MT 6 database (again, using phpMyAdmin), so the database user and password would be the same between the databases.

  • Set the permissions on all .cgi scripts to 0755.

The return of tweezersedge.com

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After almost a decade on hiatus, tweezersedge.com is back with new Movable Type software and a new look.

For the last 10 years, the blog was stuck on MT version 3.33. Movable Type has been upgraded to MT 6.1.2 - the most current release as of this date.

In future posts, I will describe my experience upgrading from MT 3.33.