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Never say never


You may laugh at this.....

A long time ago (4-5 years), I swore I would never learn HTML. I never imagined myself ever wanting to have a web page and therefore saw no reason to learn something that would probably be outdated and useless in a few years anyway.

Fast forward to the end of April, 2003. I had been reading other weblogs for a few months, liked what I saw, and decided I wanted to try having one of my own. I got an account at Blogger and learned barely enough HTML to write my very basic weblog (<a href>, <b>, <i>, <blockquote>, <br>, and <p> tags).

That was actually enough for me - for a little over 2 months. I looked at various other blogging applications and decided to give Radio Userland a try. I liked Radio Userland, but I wanted to heavily customize the templates - which meant I needed to learn a lot more HTML than the little bit I knew.

Over the following month, I learned enough HTML and CSS to rebuild my templates from scratch. There's still a lot for me to learn, but I think I have the basics down. I'm even giving advice to new bloggers in Radio's forums.

What got me to remembering this is a comment in Radio Userland's forums by David Matchett:

Kool! I think I've heard of HTML somewhere...

Just a few months ago, that was about all HTML was to me too!

Additional note: One other thing I swore I would never learn is PowerPoint (MS Office). I don't think I'm in any danger on that one yet.

Migration complete

Tweezer's Edge has fully migrated from Blogger to Radio UserLand. It took some work, but I was able to import all of my old Blogger posts, plus I think I managed to set things up so that old permalinks are not broken. If something appears broken or not working right, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Finally up on new Blogger!

After being down for hours yesterday and this morning (as well as a week late), Blogger finally got me migrated over to Dano. Tomorrow, I can finally play with my new w.bloggar software and see if it's any good.

Update: w.bloggar is out. It's not 100% compatible yet with the new Blogger. I can't really blame them for that though. Maybe later. On a positive note, the new Blogger has let me fix some things I've been wanting to fix for a while.

Tweezer's Edge now has comments!

When I set up this blog, HaloScan was not accepting new users. I was goofing around on the Web earlier today and decided to see if the situation had changed over at HaloScan. To my surprise, HaloScan has been open to new members since June 1. I signed up for a new membership, added the comment code to my blog template, and now all 2 of my readers can post comments! Post wisely!

Next task: TrackBack links?

Not my week for Blogger

I downloaded w.bloggar this past Monday just to see if it would be a nicer interface to create blog posts with. The software hasn't worked since I installed it. Blogger said that it was upgrading all users to a new version and programs like w.bloggar won't work until the migration is complete.

They said it should only take a day or two - it's been four and this blog hasn't been migrated yet. And no word on what the holdup is. I'm not sure if I'll like w.bloggar, but I'd sure like a chance to try it out. Grrrrr!!