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Sox in a Box

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'Nuff said!

Kitty caught in the act

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Look at what I caught Callie doing when she thought no one was looking:

"The water tastes so much better in here..."

"What?? I wasn't doing anything!"

New member of the family

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This is Callie, the newest member in our family since Sunday. She's almost 3 months old (the vet estimated 10-12 weeks) and weighs about 2 pounds.

Callie has been shy so far - the house and the people are still kind of spooky to her. She's been hiding out in something (her kitty bed, a box, or her carrier) or under something (like the bed or some low shelves) since Rhye's sister brought her home. She is a nice kitty though - although easily startled, she doesn't mind being held or being petted.

Rhye snapped these pics yesterday after I tried to get Callie to play with a piece of string (the universal cat toy). I was able to get her to swat at the string and occasionally bite at it, but she won't chase it (yet).

Callie has a pretty bad cold right now, with a runny nose and a fair amount of coughing and sneezing. I think that's partly why she's been sleeping almost all the time - getting over her cold is just taking a lot out of her.

Funny cat moment: On Callie's first morning here, we had just woke up and were getting ready to feed her. I was standing in the hallway, cradling Callie in my arm while waiting for Rhye and Rhye's sister to come out. All of a sudden, Callie lets out two really loud meows. While I'm wondering what she's meowing about, my hand and my sweatshirt become very warm and wet. Translation: Loud meow means "I need to go to the litter box NOW!!". (Things like this are why I've come to hate Mondays.)

Welcome to our family, Callie!