About TweezerMan

Who is TweezerMan?
My name is David Phillips, and I am the creator and sole writer of this blog. I will be turning 40 years old this year. (Ugh! Where have all the years gone?) I have lived in San Francisco, CA for the past 2 years with my girlfriend and fiancée Rhye (not her real name - she's shy). The picture at left is me in command of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D). (Click on the picture to see the full bridge view in color.) Eat your heart out, Steven Den Beste!!

The origin of TweezerMan
The name was something I made up to tease Rhye. Rhye occasionally uses Tweezerman tweezers to pluck her eyebrows. I thought that "TweezerMan" sounded like the name of a superhero who protects women from unsightly bushy eyebrows and saves them from the horror of uni-brows. TweezerMan to the rescue!! Rhye created the logo for TweezerMan, had it printed on a sweatshirt, and gave it to me for my birthday the year before last. I wonder if I would qualify to be a part of the Mystery Men?

Where TweezerMan's been
I have lived most of my adult life in Texas - about 11 years in the Dallas area, 7 years in Houston, and a year in College Station (home of Texas A&M University). I suppose that would account for why I sometimes find California (and San Francisco) so different, odd, strange, or just plain weird. (Not to mention expensive.) I also lived for about a year each in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.

TweezerMan's day jobs
Currently, I am Rhye's helper (i.e. unemployed). In the past, I have had jobs involving accounting, mutual funds (dividend payments and fund reconciliation), database programming and processing, print layout and programming, PC support, medical billing and collections, bank lockbox reconciliation, human resources, payroll, accounts payable, data entry, and retail (grocery / convenience stores). I served in the US Army as an Intelligence Analyst. I've had both management and non-management positions; I've worked both for small start-ups and large corporations. I can definitely say that I know a little bit about a lot of things.

TweezerMan's hobbies
My hobbies revolve mostly around computers. I read news and blogs daily on the internet. Occasionally I research topics of interest, or check out products that Rhye and me are interested in buying. It's been a while, but I build, configure, and fix computers when someone needs me to. When I feel the need to kick a little ass, I play Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003.

TweezerMan's significant travels
I went on high school trips to New York City and Washington, D.C. While I was in the U.S. Army (mid to late 1980s), I trained at Ft. Jackson, SC; Ft. Huachuca, AZ; and Ft. Benning, GA. Upon completion of that training, I served the rest of my enlistment at Aschaffenburg, W. Germany. About 10 years ago, I went to New Orleans to see Mardi Gras up close and personal. This past year, Rhye treated me to a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday.

TweezerMan's interests
Music: 70's / 80's classic rock
TV Shows / Movies: Sci-fi, action, comedy

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