TweezerMan In Command

This picture of me on the bridge of the USS Enterprise was taken Oct. 4, 2002 at the permanent Star Trek: The Experience attraction, located in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel. They have (I believe) 2 full replicas of the Enterprise bridge in use for the attraction.

There is an option to purchase a photo of yourself in the Captain's Chair for $19.99 (that was the price when I was there). When it is time for the picture to be taken, you are escorted and seated in an empty bridge and a couple of Starfleet personnel take your picture with a digital camera.

The digital picture is sent down to Quark's Bar (in the Deep Space Nine Promenade) and burned onto a CD for you, which you then get to take home. The high resolution picture is saved as a 2560 x 1920 jpeg (the picture shown on this web page is a 25% reduction of the original).

This picture made the whole trip worthwhile for me. If you are a Star Trek fan, I wholeheartedly recommend Star Trek: The Experience if you happen to be in Las Vegas - there is a whole lot to see and do within the attraction, plus you can buy just about any kind of Star Trek souvenir imaginable.

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